12 Jan 2015

3 Things moms can do to not go broke

After I had my 8th child I figured it was probably about time I started being a little more careful with my money. I had never once skimped on purchasing one of those fascinating beard hair-removal kits shown
15 Dec 2014

New Year Financial Checklist

A lot has happened in 2014- The biggest of which is I’m now an expecting mother, and will soon be joining the ranks of facebook friends worldwide posting cute baby pics to infiltrate your news feed. With
24 Nov 2014

How to move to New York with $50

Julie may think abandoning this blog is acceptable (for now­), and even though at first I considered her neglect friggin’ outrageous and resorted to an all-out sit-down strike, coming to Julie’s and my office (read: McDonald’s), refusing to do anything
7 Sep 2014

I’m Backkk!

It’s been a long time since I last posted. I feel like I’ve neglected Millennial Cents, although a HUGE shout out to Leslie who continued to hold down the MC fort. A lot has happened in the
7 Aug 2014

3 Unavoidable Purchases That Prove The World Is Cruel

This world is a cruel one. Any person that has gone through puberty is aware of that. Puberty was invented so each and every one of us could experience first hand what it’s like to be an
27 Jul 2014

3 Easy Ways to (Almost) Instantly Come Up with Twenty Dollars (A Memoir)

Most people think my job as a writer consists of lying on my couch eating old Dorito crumbs off my luscious mane whilst sipping on a spiked Dairy Queen blizzard. And they are kind of right. Except,
25 Jul 2014

5 Tips From a Formerly Poor Millennial

I remember my first job. Being a genius and all, it will not come as a surprise that I landed a highly coveted position as a Sales Teammate in a clothing store called “The Buckle” at a
21 Jul 2014

Stop Being a Sad, Rich Person

In this world there are two types of things: those we need and those we want. The former are items such as food, water, and in the case of one particular ex-boyfriend, antibacterial mouthwash. The latter are
21 Jul 2014

Cheap vs Frugal

This week’s article is contributed by Miranda Owen. While I’m off exploring the beaches of Australia, she has been kind enough to write for Millennial Cents.  Hope you all enjoy! – Julie Have you been accused of
6 Jul 2014

Financial Carnival for Young Adults- Happy Financial Independence!

  4th of July has now come and gone…Besides a day off from work, good burgers, and lots of people screaming “‘Merica- F*8K yeah” us Americans spent the day celebrating all of the freedoms we have in